Yongkang Road Old House


sample1 of Yongkang Road Old House 永康路老房子
sample2 of Yongkang Road Old House 永康路老房子

Yongkang Road is a small street located in the heart of downtown area. Yongkang Road stretches from Taiyuan Road in the west to Jiashan Road in the east. The atmosphere around here is very peaceful and it is surrounded by old buildings from the former French Concession era which have been preserved to maintain the classic look from Shanghai's past.

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Yongkang Road old house rent 永康路新里洋房老公寓

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The South Xiangyang Road - Jiashan Road section of Yongkang Road has turned into a hip little neighborhood with plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants. Some of the locals call this street "the new centre of the universe," obviously, as the new "party-central" in Shanghai.

A longtang specific to Shanghai is the shikumen style. Meaning stone frame gate, the shikumen longtang style is characterized by a stone arch at the entrance, and two or three story houses with brick walls. To get the whole lowdown on shikumen style housing, we must take a visit to the Shanghai Shikumen Museum located on Yongkang Lu.

The whole museum is a house that belongs to Mr Da, whose family has owned the property for the past four generations. The house itself is from the 1920s and contains a number of antiques and curios that the family has collected through the years. The shikumen style was the most prominent form of housing from 1842 with the commencement of the first Opium Wars until about 1949 to coincide with the rise of the Mao Era.

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