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sample1 of Yongjia Road Old House 永嘉路老房子
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Yongjia Road is an east-west road in Shanghai, located across Xuhui District and Huangpu District, stretches from Ruijin 2nd Road to Hengshan Road, 2072 meters long, 15 to 16 meters wide.

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Yongjia Road old house rent 永嘉路新里洋房老公寓

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Garden houses with German, France, Spain style, Shikumen old lanes, modern old houses and rows of new lane houses lined along the roads forms a unique landscape with combination of European style and Shanghai taste.

Yongjia Road was built by the Bureau of Shanghai French Concession in 1920. The name "Route Herve de sieyes" was came from an employee named Herve de sieyes in a French tanker company.

Along Yongjia Road, there are many modern western residential gardens, many of which have been named Shanghai Heritage architecture. It is also a part of Hengshan Road - Fuxing Road historical and cultural area.

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