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Yan'an Road has been one of the east-west trunk roads in downtown Shanghai. The road is divided into East, Central and West sections which pass through Zhongshan Road in the east, Huangpu, Luwan, Jing'an and Changning Districts and Huqingping Expressway to the west. Yan'an Road has a total length about 14km and width ranging from 14m to 63m.

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East Yan'an Road is in southern part of Huangpu District. The eastern part of the road is on the Yang Jing Bang (Pidgin) River which is a branch of the Huangpu River. In late 19th and early 20th centuries Yang Jing Bang had been used as a boundary river for dividing the British and French Concessions.

Central Yan'an Road is stretching from the junctions of Jinling Road to Huashan Road with a total length about 2,300m. It was built in 1910, used as the boundary street for dividing the French Concession and the Commonality Concession. Foch Avenue was a name given from a French admiral's surname to the road since 1920. In 1950 it had been called as Central Yan'an Road.

West Yan'an Road is in Changning District of Shanghai. It is the longest section of the road, having over 10km in length, and reaching the entrance of Hongqiao International Airport. In the 1930s, a lot of beautiful, elegant garden-style houses had been built for the growing population in Shanghai.

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