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Located in Changning District, the picturesque Xinhua Road is known to many in Shanghai for its abundance of architectural gems. Originally named Amherst Avenue after its construction in 1925, this narrow 2.4-kilometer-long road borders the former French concession and today extends east to west from Huaihai Road to Kaixuan Road.

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Despite being situated in the heart of downtown Shanghai, this tranquil road seems far removed from the commercial developments taking shape all around it. Behind the buttonwood trees, more than 100 garden villas and heritage buildings still remain on both sides of Xinhua Road, with many designed in traditional Dutch, Spanish, French and Chinese architectural styles.

For a glimpse into Shanghai's rich and colorful past, here is our guide of some of the most unique historic sites on Xinhua Road. No.200, Xinhua Road is former residence of Chen Guofu. This garden residence features a mix of Eastern and Western architectural styles and was once the home of politician Chen Guofu and his wife.

No.231 is Former residence of Rong family. This Italian style country villa is also called the "Roman Home" and was built by the Rong family in 1932, a well-known family of wealthy tycoons. Rong Desheng built the house as a dowry for his nephew Rong Shuren, the sister of Rong Yiren, the late Vice President of China during 1993-1998.

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