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sample1 of Wuxing Road Old House 吴兴路老房子
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Located in Xuhui district, Wuxing Road is a one-way street that starts at Huaihai Road Middle and crosses Kangping Road, Hengshan Road and Jianguo Road West to end up at Zhaojiabang Road, 1013 meters long, width range from 15 to 16 meters, built in 1930.

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Wuxing Road old house rent 吴兴路新里洋房老公寓

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Wuxing Road is a typical former French concession street, with its mixture of two- to three-story old garden houses, villas and residential buildings beneath canopies of trees. Each of these buildings has its own history and charm, and among them are plenty of hidden spots of exceptional beauty.

No.83 and 85 Wuxing Road is a stand-alone Spanish-style garden villa (pictured above) with an attached Sino-Western style Buddhist worshipping hall. Built in 1938, the three-story house of brick-and-concrete composite has yellow washed exterior walls and double-lined terra cotta roof. Within lies a center courtyard, romantic balconies, fancifully shaped columns and wrought iron details.

Passing through an array of old residential houses, 248 Wuxing Road is home to the Hanbin Lu Typewriter Museum. It is housed in a two-story, French-style building with white doors and windows. In the 1990s, while traveling around Europe, the owner of the house, a Chinese-Czech man called Hanbin Lu, began to collect typewriters. In 2010, he brought nearly 300 typewriters of some 32 different brands and 14 different languages to Shanghai and founded the museum.

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