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Wulumuqi Lu is a road that runs through central Shanghai. The landscape varies, but for much of it, it's packed with pedestrians and with businesses catered to these pedestrians. In fact, the street got named twice!

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Like a lot of streets in Shanghai, it's named after a Chinese province, or city in this case. This city is part of the semi-autonomous Uighur state Xiangyang, "Urumqi" is a direct transliteration of the city's name in the local language. "Wulumuqi" is a transliteration of the Chinese transliteration of "Urumqi." Shanghai sign-makers seems to have settled on "Wulumuqi" a while back, but both roman spellings are out in force.

There's a large High School on the far North end of the street, here the students are busy playing basketball. When the high school gets out, the area changes character, being overwhelmed with kids getting snacks, looking at shops, and most of all clogging the streets with amazing amounts of bikes.

There's older houses right off the street, although they're often hidden from view. Partly it's because Shanghai houses have to face South, which may or may not face the road, there's perhaps a good reason for that but I have no idea what it might be. With these houses, there's shops on the first floor.

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