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sample1 of Wukang Road Old House 武康路老房子
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With a total length of approx. 1000 meters, Wukang Road stretches from Huashan Road in the north towards the intersection of Middle Huaihai Road and Xingguo Road in the south, displaying a slight arc as a whole.

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Wukang Road old house rent 武康路新里洋房老公寓

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At the intersection of Wukang Road and Huaihai Road, the Wukang Mansion, a French-style building seeming like a huge ship has been just renovated. This building was once the works of art of L.E.Hudec, the famous Hungarian architect, with its original name as Normandie Apartments, and was the earliest Veranda style apartment architecture, in which some famous film artists such as Zheng Junli, Zhao Dan and Qin Yi have once resided.

The fence walls typical of the Petty Bourgeoisie style , which used to be talked about by old Shanghainese People with great relish, has been recently "regained" on Wukang Road, while the low enclosure smeared as a symbol of feudalism, capitalism and revisionism, and demolished during the Cultural Revolution has also been repair as how it looked like originally.

Along the Wukang Road with many phoenix trees dancing and wavering, buildings of distinctive charm appear to maintain exceptional low-profile in view of time transition. Only those refined patterns on the eaves, or a plain plate hung at entrance hall can suddenly remind people of a past memorable storeyof celebrities.

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