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Taiyuan Road is located in Xuhui District, stretches from Fenyang Road in the North to Zhaojiabang Road in the South, in the center of Former French Concession. Walking along Taiyuan Road offers you an in-depth experience of culture and history.

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The French-style Marshall Mansion on Taiyuan Road was built in 1928. It was once the residence of US general George Marshall. After Marshall's departure from China, it became a luxurious residence for Chinese officials and is now a bar.

Taiyuan road, the geographical position is superior, convenient life, highlight the urban center. The street combines elegant classic with dynamic modern, is the pursuit of living quality and life emotional appeal of good choice. Close distance xujiahui transport hub.

From the slowly disappearing old Shanghai longtong (alleyway) to the European architecture; from local street delicacies to traditional tailoring; from the historical Jewish community to former residences of celebrities - there is so much to cover, depending on your interests and time.

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