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Tai'an Road is 514 meters long and spans both Changning and Xuhui districts, stretches from Wukang Road to Huashan Road. Built in the early 20th century, it was originally named Route Camille Lorioz.

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Dated back to 1943, French Concession in Shanghai was established as a result that China was forced to open up Shanghai to western countries as one of important international ports. Camille Lorioz did the business of silk, gold and silver jewelry in Shanghai. He left when the World War Ⅰ broke out and decided to enlist. He fell at Verdun. The road changed its name to Tai'an Road in 1943.

The part between Huashan Road and Xingguo road is located in Changning District, where tall platanus lined on the both sides. Wei Park was situated on Lane 120, Tai'an Road, built for interior banks in 1924, supply houses for the financial elites.

Wei Park is mainly composed of two rows of dozens of single independent garden houses facing south. Most of them are two-storey, with a maximum of three layers. Every house are different in building and structure, like Spanish style and English country style.

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