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Huashan Road starts from the intersection with Wulumuqi Road and ends at the junction of Xujiahui main road, Zhaojiabang Road. The street was formerly known as Siccawei Road, but later renamed it "Avenue Haig". It was one of the main streets of Shanghai not belongging to any concession, it was one of the External Streets.

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This Avenue Haig was chosen by the high class of the city to have their mansions, once Bubbling Well Road was built completely and packed by this type of construction. It also had buildings of great historical importance as convents, the most important Casinnos of the city, including “The Alhambra”, Farren Club or the either known Elias Court Apartments or the Brookside ones.

In the West section was treated primarily a quiet residential street, with large mansions and gardens. In general was a street intended for wealthy class, largely residential but with relevant religious institutions and even some entertainment, the kind of things people with money had a good time to be around.

The street is fairly uniform in all sections, the first section is the most attractive from the urban level, it is a street lined with large trees that barely let you see the building rather than at specific points. Once past the junction of Jianguo Road, its urban physiognomy changes quite a lot to become an avenue much wider and with faster traffic.

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