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Fumin Road is not very long, just about 600 meters and runs between Julu Road and Changle Road. Its original name is Route Courbet in memory of the French General Route Courbet. The well- preserved old residences can be spotted everywhere on the street, allowing you to get a feel of far away from urban hustles and bustles.

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Once a quiet and quaint street in the old French Concession, it has been gradually transformed into a fashion street, a hotbed of activity for young local designers. Many local fashion designers settle and open their shops here. Fumin Road sits between Julu Road and Changle Road.

Over the past year, Fumin Road, a once-sleepy street in Shanghai’s French Concession, has become something of a hotbed of activity for young local designers, several of whom have opened boutiques there as rents in fashion districts like Changle Road have skyrocketed.

Situated in central Jing'an district, Fumin Lu has historically been in prime position to host a selection of some of the best in dining and nightlife. Walking along Fumin Road, you'll feel like you were back into old times because of those all kinds of garden villas, old lane houses lined on the streets.

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