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The Embankment was a new construction, very modern, with all the latest conveniences, including central heating and there was also a swimming pool. The front of the building facing the Soochow creek was designed rather like a ship, insomuch as the verandahs had a concrete base a foot high followed by horizontal railings up to a safe height.

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There were four entrances, each with a large foyer and lifts. Sitting on the verandah with one's feet resting on a railing one could imagine you were actually travelling up the creek to Soochow "more far" — a local Chinese expression which means a long way away.

In 1949, the Communists took over, and then the building was divided. It was given to government, people from the party, and according to the level of the rank, they get different heights and different units, some of them have different sizes. And then the eighth, ninth and tenth floors were added in the 80’s. The original building was seven stories.

Sir Victor Sassoon had made the first floor of his Embankment Building available to register the newcomers, give them something to eat, and temporarily house them. Considering that each passenger ship arrive with approximately 700 refugees, the demands on such makeshift facilities were great.

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