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Changshu Road is located across Xuhui District and Jing'an District, running in a south-north direction, stretches from Middle Huaihai Road in the south to Huashan Road in the north, 716 meters long, 22 to 25 meters wide.

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Changshu Road old house rent 常熟路新里洋房老公寓

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Formerly known as "Shanzhong Road", Changshu Road is the only one that was named after a Chinese in Former French Concession. One of the most redoubtable nightlife spots of Shanghai is the Changshu Road / Hengshan Road area. Part of the French Concession area, the streets around this centre have undertaken somewhat of a transition since the early twentieth century.

Wrought iron railings, tree-lined avenues and ivy-coloured mansions from that era still remain, and are a reminder of Shanghai's lavish days. Also known for being one of the 714 places in Shanghai which Chiang Kai-shek and his wife "once stopped for a cup of tea and a biscuit" (an impressive historical fact that you can pass on to others) this area is entrenched with Shanghai's golden days.

However, when come nighttime, these historical sites become more than just an educational interest in China's history. Innumerable watering holes have popped up in the area in the last ten or twenty years; a few of which are actually located within the old courtyard houses.

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