Anting Road Old House


sample1 of Anting Road Old House 安亭路老房子
sample2 of Anting Road Old House 安亭路老房子

Anting Road is a south-north direction road located in Xuhui District, stretches from West Jianguo Road to Yongjia Road. It is surrounded by South Wulumuqi Road and Gaoan Road in the Former French Concession.

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Anting Road old house rent 安亭路新里洋房老公寓

Expat living in Anting Road old house [ Top ]

Formerly named Route Kaufmann, Anting Road is located in the Western part of the French Concession, that was really developed in the mid-late 1930s. Many wealthy foreigners and Chinese families lived in this quiet and relaxed neighborhood.

The house on No.130 Anting Road is very similar to houses of the same period built in France. There is no mention of which firm actually built it, but it could very well be Vesseyre & Leonard, since 2 other houses in the area are of similar style and were designed by the famous French architect house in Shanghai.

The entrance has seen better days but still keeps up appearances. Like similar houses in France, shutters were installed on ground floor windows. It is quite rare to still see them in today’s Shanghai.

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