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Anfu Road, a small East-West street on the northern edge of the French concession is emblematic of Shanghai eclecticism. On the corner with Wulumuqi Road bike peddlers hawk flowers, ceramics and household goods in the shadow of luxury apartment blocks.

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Nearby, 'The Center' -- an incongruous ultra-modern office tower -- stands opposite classic art deco architecture. In its short two blocks, Anfu Lu contains some of Shanghai's traditional lane way communities, hidden historic villas, a vast empty lot punctuated by half demolished houses, a 1920s garden residence, an eerie gothic mansion and two top-end skyscrapers.

In the past year the street has been revitalized, with new boutiques, wine bars and coffee shops opening alongside well-established highlights, all of which makes Anfu Lu well worth a stroll.

Anfu Road has long been on the cultural map of Shanghai due to the location of this, one of the city’s premier theaters. Formed in 1995 from a merger of two theater companies, the Dramatic Arts Center is today home to some of the nations most famous play-writes, directors and actors and is dedicated to bringing to Shanghai award winning modern and contemporary theater from both China and abroad.

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