7 Types of Rental Properties in Shanghai


There are full range of housing supplies for expatriates in Shanghai, from classic old houses and old colonial apartments, to high end new apartments and modern villas compounds.

7 Types of Rental Properties in Shanghai

New apartment

They are everywhere in the city with a wider range of prices for different qualities, e.g. to rent a new well decorated apartment with two bedrooms in Jing'an may cost you RMB 8,000 to 30,000 a month. But the rent price for a set of similar apartment in suburb areas may cost RMB 5,000 to 8,000 a month.

High-end apartments are the main choice for expatriates. Some compounds are specially built for expatriates and can make a purely expatriate community inside. Normally they have better quality and offer more western living environment, and of course ask for quite higher rental.

Service apartment

Service apartments are good choices for expatriates who plan to stay here for a short period of time. Well furnished, 24-hours butler service, which makes life easier and treats you like a king of the city.

Most of the service apartments are concentrated in downtown and expatriate communities. Prices are high, with a range from RMB 10,000 to 60,000 a month for different apartments with different spaces and services.

Old apartment

Most of the old apartments are built before 1949, designed by western architects. Similar as the old garden houses, some well furnished old apartments are pricy. Have you ever thought about living on a historical street?

If you rent a two-bedroom suite in Xuhui along Huaihai Road, it will cost you at least RMB 15,000 a month. But when you wake up at morning, you can go downstairs and have your brunch at a cafe at the street corner or go directly to your office with a walk distance, you may find it is worthy.

Privatized public apartment

Most of them have a similar appearance as their Russian or East European peers and were built after 1949. They can be found everywhere in the city, however rents differ from each other, depending on their locations.

In downtown, such as Xuhui and Jing'an, a set with one bedroom, one small bathroom, a kitchen as well as a small living room may cost a rent of RMB 5,000 a month, while in suburbs the same housing type only worth RMB 3,000 a month or less.

Luxury Villa

Usually called ‘houses’ in the western countries these may take the form of standalone (independent units) or semi-detached. The price of villas will be higher, with a range from RMB 30,000 to 80,000 a month.

Largely located in the suburban areas of Shanghai, they are 100% in ‘compounds’ which are gated communities with shared gardens, amenities and management. There are some villas in Downtown but they are limited and usually very expensive.

Old garden house

Most garden houses in downtown areas are built before 1949, with nice appearances outside, facilities in them may be old, but still a lot of them are renovated with modern facilities by their owners for rent. The price for renting an old villa in the area will cost you from RMB 20,000 to 150,000 a month which depends on the area and facilities.

If their owners protected them well, inside the old house, you may see polished brown floor board and well decorated fireplace, even the chimneys and pipes are also working. Some may be equipped with old furniture which may arouse people's memories to earlier times of last century. With a small garden in the front or at the behind, you may enjoy tea in a sun-shine afternoon or hold parties at weekend.

Lane house

They are hidden inside in downtown areas and separated from each other by lanes and high walls. With a small yard in the front and a door backside, it will provide you a large space as well as a well protected private life. The prices for rent are less expensive than old garden house, but they are still high.

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