6 Steps to Renting a House in Shanghai


Renting a house is sometimes as lengthy and tiring as buying a new home. Proper planning and in-depth research are necessary to rent a house that fits your needs and budget.

6 Steps to Renting a House in Shanghai

STEP 1: Decision making on details

How many budget you have, which district or specific area you prefer to live. Gathering information through Internet.

STEP 2: Find an agency and the houses you like

Each agency will publicize houses they are consigned to rent, you can pick up some among the total.

STEP 3: Check the house at the scene

Accompanied with one or two agent, you can visit the landlord and the house. Looking around as careful as you can and ask each question you want to know.

STEP 4: Hire an agency

If you find your preferred houses and the agency which you can trust and rely on, you may hire the agency to rent the house from its owner. Those agencies will need you to sign a contract with them to restrict you contact directly to landlords.

STEP 5: Bargain and sign contract with landlord through your agency

The leasing contract has its officially recommended version, you can adding some extra clauses after negotiating with your landlord. The agent should check the ownership of the house and authenticate the identity of the landlord.

STEP 6: Pay deposit and get the key

Normally, you should pay the rent for the first month plus two months of rent as deposit before you move to your new home. Some landlords may ask for one year's rent, but don't agree to pay such a high amount. Also, when a leasing contract expires, expect a meeting with the landlord to go over the condition of the house and to make final utility payments.

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