The pros and cons of living in old house


Old houses are very rare and precious because they possess their own unique history and often have interesting stories about their previous residents. If their owners protected them well, inside the old villas, you may see polished wooden floor boards and well decorated fireplaces, some with working chimneys and pipes.

Some houses are even outfitted with antique furniture, art deco interior design, and original light fixtures and window frames. Many houses posses their own private garden and backyard, ideal for weekend BBQ's and picnics.

The pros and cons of living in old house

Pros of living in old house:

∗ Attractive historical architecture
∗ Downtown locations
∗ Sizable gardens
∗ Local life experience, local neighbors
∗ Professional renovations
∗ Close to many commercial Business districts

Cons of living in old house:

∗ Maintenance issues − 1920s constructed buildings
∗ Relatively expensive (limited supply)
∗ Little or no professional security
∗ Damp and drafty with poor insulation
∗ Potential car parking difficulties
∗ Poor power supply
∗ No facilities or clubhouses

If you do have children going to school in Shanghai lane house living may have a few disadvantages that you are unwilling to accept regarding location.

Firstly, most schools are in the suburbs so the daily commute can be long. Also, if you do not live in a compound your children may miss out on playing with other children and getting to gatherings and parties will almost always include either a car and driver or taking a taxi. Finally, if you have young children you may not feel comfortable with them playing on the streets as cars can drive rather fast down some of the back lanes.

Renovation quality. For every colonial property that is wonderfully renovated there are three that have serious problems.

− Electricity shortages. It is super frustrating when you turn on your hairdryer and at the same time your partner puts in some toast and then everything goes off as you also had the air-conditioning on.

− Water problems. Your property may have new pipes, but it is very likely that you lane does not. Therefore, it is not unusual to have blocked toilets and slow draining sinks and showers. Another water problem is pressure. However, that is often an issue in new builds in Shanghai also.

− Damp. Unfortunately Shanghai is a damp city and with the best intentions in the world many landlords end up with colonial homes that have mold problems. Renovation teams cut corners with water proofing and then provide short term fixes later on. This can leave you with serious damp issues.

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