Living in a Shanghai Old House: an exotic experience


Shanghai is an amazing city because it has a lot of historical house or old house. Each Shanghai old house has its own history or story. Although most of those Shanghai old houses for rent were built before 1949, it has always been popular among Shanghai expats.

Living in a Shanghai Old House

What makes a Shanghai old house so attractive is often its architecture or its significance to the history of Shanghai.

I often heard from my foreign friends that it's so nice to dream to stay in a Shanghai old house, though it's sometimes a bit tough if you really live in it. But if you work with a reputable real estate agency to find a Shanghai old house to rent, they will solve those trifles or discomfort for you. It can save you a lot of time and effort that you should spend on living rather than solving problems.

You can hardly believe that this area is in the downtown of Shanghai.

Most of Shanghai old houses for rent are in Xuhui district and were constructed almost a century ago, but many of them are still in good shape now. If you walk along a lane of Shanghai old house area, you will be impressed that the area is so quiet.

It is the real life in historical Shanghai and you can only experience this in Shanghai old house.

If you are lucky to find a good Shanghai old house and live in it, every morning you will hear the sounds of old Shanghai – the bells of itinerant peddlers. Do not dislike it, as it is the real culture in the historical Shanghai. Those peddlers are usually riding up and down your lane of Shanghai old house, calling you out to sell your used paper, have your kitchen knife sharpened or buy sweet oranges.

You can choose a good real estate agency that can meet your needs and demands.

You will be reminded of your exotic home by the sounds of the lane and your Shanghai old house itself. I believe that it is the most amazing feeling for every expat who are interested in Shanghai's culture and history. If you dream to live in an old house in Shanghai, you are advised to work with a real estate agency as they have a lot of available Shanghai old houses for rent.

A good Shanghai old house may be a three storey well built with hardly any problems.

It should be located in the downtown of Shanghai and have plenty of space. A peaceful garden is a must in such a good Shanghai old house. Unlike Shanghai flats or apartments, Shanghai old houses often have high ceilings, good lighting and beautiful woodwork. Many Shanghai expats prefer to furnish it with old Shanghai furniture.

Local Shanghai people are very nice and they will teach you all sorts of things.

Although most of people living in a lane of Shanghai old houses are local people and you may be able to speak only a little Chinese, do not worry about it, as you will feel that your neighbors are wonderful. If you have a kid, you will see that you kid plays together with their kids in the lane. In case that you left your keys in the door, they would keep them safely for you and return to you when you were back.

Of course, there are challenges to live in a Shanghai old house.

As you may not be able to speak much Chinese, household maintenance and electrical appliance repair are big problems for you. But if you find this Shanghai old house from a reputable real estate agency, such as Joanna, they will help you call the landlord to solve the problems as fast as possible, or even the agents will call repairmen directly to solve your problem. And their charging is standard and sometimes free if it is stated in the leasing contract.

Anyway, living in a Shanghai old house can be an exotic experience. When you leave Shanghai, it will be one of your high points in this city.

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