Best Places to Live in Shanghai


There is of course no formula to calculate where the best place to live is. Much depends on your budget and personal choice. Nevertheless, there are some obvious trends on where people tend to settle down after moving to Shanghai.

Best Places to Live in Shanghai

Here are some basic guidelines:

− Young professionals, couples or singletons, generally tend to live in Downtown Shanghai, Puxi side. In which part of Downtown obviously depends on the location of their offices and thus what kind of transport they prefer to use (bus, metro or taxi).

− Families with children attending international schools usually live in West Shanghai (Hongqiao, Minhang, Qingpu) or Pudong depending on which school their children attend.

− Couples with young children below school age live all over the city in downtown, Lujiazui and even Hongqiao and Pudong.

− Senior couples with no children or older children (who only visit during boarding school holidays) often seem to prefer the more 'expatriate' lifestyle in the Hongqiao and Pudong villa complexes.

There is obviously no "best" district

Each offers their own special features, advantages and disadvantages. To better understand the differences, some research and a personal visit are important.

There are of course dozens of options of where to live. Over the last few years, the choices have developed together with the city's great economic and social achievements.

The question of where to live if definitely not an easy one, but it is better to be spoiled for choice than have no options at all! It is important to ask your real estate agency to give you an in-depth overview of the different areas, even before you start your housing search – it is a giant of a city after all.

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