Best International Schools in Shanghai

International Schools

Moving to Shanghai? Here is a list of the best international schools in Shanghai, all cater for children from pre-school up to high school:

Best International Schools in Shanghai

1. Shanghai American School (Puxi or Pudong Campus)

The Shanghai American School (SAS) almost perfectly recreates the American education system in Shanghai. Founded in 1912 and situated in the southwest of Shanghai, the Puxi site is one of the oldest and most prestigious international schools in Shanghai – explaining the long waiting lists and tuition fees of over $20,000 a year.

The Pudong site, whilst only founded in 1998, has garnered the same reputation and although it may be a bit further out of the centre of Shanghai, has a beautiful setting on the coast.

If you manage to obtain a place at SAS, you are guaranteed a first class education. With approximately 3200 students from over 40 countries, and 270 staff from over 30 countries attending the school, they offer education all the way from Kindergarten to high school. Offering both the International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, it boasts an impressive record of 98% of students going on to universities across the world – including alumnus at some of the top universities in the world.

Yet this school is not simply an exam factory, with over 100 extra-curricular activities offered at the high school, ranging from the International Thespian Society to Amnesty International and state of the art facilities including an aquatics centre, a theatre and a fitness centre. On top of this, the school competes in the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), the China Cup of Sports and the China International Schools Sports Association (CISSA) League.

Puxi Campus: 258 Jinfeng Road, Huacao Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, China
Pudong Campus: Shanghai Links Executive Community, 1600 Lingbai Road, Sanjiagang, Pudong, Shanghai, China

2. Concordia International School Shanghai

Founded in 1998 after the success of the Concordia International School in Hong Kong, 1,253 students were enrolled for the 2014-15 school year with over 30 nationalities represented. Another school with fees well over $20,000 a year, but yet again you are provided with value for your money.

Interestingly, Concordia follows the traditional education of the LCMS (The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod), consequently, so there is a more regimented and strict structure for the students (student uniforms, strong moralistic education). Offering the standard electives of American schools and following the same curriculum, smaller class sizes also help to individualise learning.

Concordia is considered as one of the ‘Big Three’ American curriculum schools in Asia, along with its sister school in Hong Kong and Singapore American School. Based on published results of content-based assessments like AP subject exams and SAT 2 Subject tests, each of these three schools produce students who consistently perform well above their international school peers and on par or above students from the best United States boarding schools.

Concordia International School Shanghai is also a participant of the Asia Pacific Activities Conference, an athletic and arts program for international schools around East Asia. The school also is the host school of CISSMUN, a model united nations conference that is affiliated with The Hague International Model United Nations.

999 Mingyue Road, Jinqiao, Pudong, Shanghai, China

3. SMIC Private School Shanghai

The School's initial purpose was to provide low-cost private education for SMIC employees' children in close proximity to the SMIC Living Quarters and company sites, but has opened to the public since 2004. Now the school has around1500 students enrolled and has a unique bilingual structure with a completely American and completely Chinese curriculum under one roof (each student chooses one, but not both).

It is also by far the cheapest school offering a complete American curriculum, with fees of only $6000 approximately. Despite its youth, has already been recognised as an "Excellent Private Elementary School and Middle/High School in China" in December 2009 by the Pudong board of education and had a finalist and two semi-finalists on the National Merit Scholarship Program. Moreover, the school has an astronomical observatory, two libraries, a gym, and an internationally renowned school newspaper.

169 Qingtong Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China

4. Shanghai Livingston American School

Another relatively young school, founded in 2001 by Thomas Sheng and retired US Congressman Robert Livingston, it was the first of five schools they planned to set up in five Chinese cities where US Consulates are located for the purpose of providing an American-Style education to foreigners residing or working in China.

LAS offer a comprehensive, projects-intensive curriculum based on the California standards. Each school division utilizes teaching methods and theory taken from leading experts in the fields of education, psychology, and social science. The smallest school on this list, students benefit from this individualised learning structure. Its fees are slightly lower than several other international schools in Shanghai, at roughly $17,000 a year.

580 Ganxi Rd, Changning, Shanghai, China

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