Best Hospitals and Healthcare for Expats in Shanghai

Hospitals and Healthcare

Communicating with doctors in your own language can be difficult, let alone in another language! Thus, it is essential if planning to stay or live in Shanghai to know where to find hospitals that will not only provide good and reasonably priced (we have all heard the horror stories of foreign health bills) services, but also staff who can speak good English and are comfortable at dealing with expats.

Best Hospitals and Healthcare for Expats in Shanghai

1. Shanghai United Family Hospital

Admittedly this hospital does tend to charge higher rates, but that is because you are guaranteed the highest levels of care and treatment.

With four locations in Shanghai including the main hospital in Changning District and a dental facility there as well, and smaller clinics in Minhang District and Pudong New Area, whatever your location in Shanghai there should be a branch relatively nearby.

Offering a wide range of treatments including specific dental and paediatrics, and with many medical staff who have studied in the US or Europe and have a good grip of English and other languages, it may well be worth paying a premium for such high quality services.

2. Parkway Health

Formerly known as the World Link Medical Centre, Parkway Health is another health centre that is expensive but offers the highest level of care and treatment.

Open in Shanghai since 2005, it has expanded and now has seven health facilities in Shanghai - two in Pudong, five in Puxi. The doctors come from all corners of the globe and rotate shifts, so whatever your language there should be someone you can communicate easily with.

3. Global Health Care

Global HealthCare offers premier medical and dental services to expats in Shanghai from two medical centers – one in Pudong and the other in Puxi. Global HealthCare’s Pudong Center was first opened in 2007, and while it predominantly focused on offering consultations, dental and x-ray services, it also has a partnership with Renji hospital which offers VIP beds for expats and complete medical services.

Global Health Care has full time staff of 15 (not including Renji hospital staff), who are a mixture of expatriates and locals who can speak fluent English, Chinese, Japanese, German and French.

4. Shanghai East International Medical Centre

Opened in 2003, the Shanghai East International Medical Centre offers every treatment imaginable, even traditional Chinese medicines that are not usually available in such large hospitals.

From its location in Pudong, Shanghai East is arguably the usual hospital of choice for Shanghai’s expat community. Offering, as it says on the website, “comprehensive international healthcare 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” Shanghai East has established its reputation as a leading provider of high standards of medical care and treatment in Shanghai.

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