Things to Know before Property Visiting


Selecting the most suitable property is one of the most daunting tasks expat tenants need to undergo. Rental inspections can cause tenants a lot of unnecessary stress simply because many expats don’t know what to expect or what’s expected of them.

Things to Know before Property Visiting

1.Price Quotation

Most of the people will feel surprised to find the rental prices are so different for the same type of property by different agents and most of them will feel quite confused whose quotation is correct. Here we would like to give you some points which can help you to analysis whether the price you get is correct or not?

What's include into the rental:

Rental pricing proposed and quoted by Renting Shanghai will usually include management fee, governmental heating fee and tax fees. Others may only quote the net rental price.

What factors will influence the rental:

1.Different landlords – some landlords are very eager to start getting returns on their property investments while others may be waiting only for an "ideal" tenant and be content just to watch the property price increase and keep the unit in clean condition where it may be liquidated quickly should they want to cash out. Every landlord will have different expectations, some reasonable and some not.
2.Different floor - Usually the higher the floor, the higher the price.
3.Different decoration and furniture - the rental for a nicely decorated and furnished property will defnitely be higher than for one with simple low budget furnishings.
4.Different timing - Rental price will keep on changing due to supply and demand on the market.

What factors may be useful to negotiate a good price:

1.How many people will live in this property - Often you may achieve better pricing if the number of occupants is fewer.
2.How soon you can start the Lease - starting sooner is favourable to most landlords.
3.How many additional requirements you ask towards the property – less requirements equals less money the landlord needs to spend and more savings that can be passed on to you.
4.How long is your lease term - usually a longer lease term is favourable by the landlord but you may not like to "lock" yourself into a really long term if you think you may consider to move later if not happy or if you feel the price may drop in that compound next year.
5.If you want to remove all the existing furniture out and put your own furniture in, it will not help too much in terms of negotiating the rental. If however it is a NEW and never been furnished property this may help.


If you are a sensitive towards noise you may wish to consider avoiding the following:

Brand new property

Since every individual landlord in the building will have their own time schedule to decorate their property you may be constantly subjected to hammer drills and renovation noises. Definitely annoying!

Property with large open empty lots nearby

NO ONE can say for sure what will happen in those lots but most likely is NEW CONSTRUCTION!! Think HUGE hammer drills now, lots of dust and crap in the air, and big noisy diesel engines running around all the time. Defnitely stuff nightmares are made of!

Property facing the road

Since most windows in Chinese housing are not very efficient at blocking out the noise, try to avoid properties that are facing the road no matter if it is a main road or small road.

3.Poisonous Smell

Quite a lot of individual landlords will use low quality paint or glue to decorate their properties, and many expats do not realize this until they move in and start to feel uncomfortable.

So if you choose a newly decorated property, check with your consultant to see what brand of paint the landlord used to decorate this property or you may wish for an environmental assessment if you have young kids or feel very concerned on this issue.

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