Shanghai Relocation Service

Moving to Shanghai

Are you undertaking a Shanghai relocation? Renting Shanghai is devoted to assist expatriates relocate to Shanghai in the best way. Our expertise guarantees that you will get the best service available. Our experience will make your Shanghai relocation process smooth and cohesive.

Home Search

  • We will start work immediately after you contact us.
  • We will ensure that we get the clear ideas of your individual and specific needs.
  • We will work out a prime list of suitable apartments.
  • We will assist you on each step of the process, until you see your favorite apartment finally.

Lease Negotiation

  • We will negotiate with the landlord on behalf of you based on your Offer.
  • We will assist you to understand current prices on the market for reference and make comparisons.
  • We will provide various professional services including legal advice during the process of negotiation.
  • We will Prepare the lease agreement and arrange the signing of the agreement when you and landlord has made a deal.

Check In

  • We will accompany you check-in: check furniture and appliances; sign the furniture and appliance list; hand over inspection for any defects; check water, electricity, gas meters and sign the meter records.
  • We will assist you make the temporary residence card application at local authority.

After Sales Service

  • We will promptly respond to any special requirements of you with efficient quality service.
  • We will assist you solve maintenance problem during tenancy.
  • We will mediate between you and the landlord in the dispute.

Lease Renewal

  • You may send to us your renewed requirements two month before the expiry of tenancy.
  • We will negotiate with landlord for a reasonable price for lease renewal based on your new requirements and the current market situation.
  • We will complete the lease agreement renewal procedures and arrange the signing of the renewed agreement.

Check Out

  • We will handle claims and make sure that bills have been paid such as water, electricity and gas.
  • We will assist you do repair and cleaning work if required.
  • We will mediate between you and landlord in case of conflict.
  • We will ensure you get back the deposit.

Residential Rental Services

We provide expat houses for rent, including apartment rent, old house rent, villa rent and service apartment rent.

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